Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Change: A RePost

Change when you’ve outgrown something. Change when there’s no hope. Change because you choose to. Change because it’s fun. Change because you want to gain awareness of who you truly are. Change because you have to. Change because everything changes, for better or for worse. Why change? Why not? You’ve been doing it all your life. ~ Robin Silverman

It's almost 2010, and change is upon on us... again... still.

I'm actively planning new beginnings for myself and my loved ones. Azad will begin a new sport. Virika will begin dance classes, and join her brother's school for her first preschool experience. Charles begins a new project. I will teach again at Spelman College. We are investigating new schools for the kids, and perhaps even a new home, neighborhood, community at some point in 2010.

In the meantime, to anticipate the changes, we are celebrating and honoring all that we love about our lives right now. We will take a week-long family vacation at the beach before Christmas. We're reflecting on the life lessons and blessings we received this year: Patience, courage, perseverance, creativity, healing...

We are decluttering our spaces, minds and spirits. After all, I try to remember that moving forward is fundamentally about going home to ourselves.

This is why, I wanted to invite you to "put on your ruby slippers" this holiday season... as you step forward into 2010! (See below for details). Won't you be a good sport and have some fun bringing the magic of the ruby slippers to life with me?

Boundless blessings and a magical holiday season to you and yours.


Move Forward … Make Change …Go Home to Yourself with Glinda
I keep a photo in my living room from the Wizard of Oz and every time I need some inspiration for moving forward in life I stare at it for a while. It is basically looks like a shot taken by one of the Munchkins. It is composed simply of Dorothy's feet, with her red shoes and light blue sox, against the backdrop of Glinda's pink gown, with Glinda’s wand near the shoes. The only thing that you can think of when you see this is "There is no place like home." And that all the power to change and grow is inside us ... if only we remember.
Many fairytales and stories tell of a sorceress who helps a heroine to wholeness and grace. Glinda, in The Wizard of Oz, is one of the world’s favorites; she was the guiding light who sent Dorothy on her legendary search for the Wizard, only to help her find the power of the wizard was within her all along. In the tradition of trusting that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, Glinda offers profound insight just at the moment Dorothy is ready for it. Glinda can also help you return to yourself when you feel lost, down or disconnected. If you ever find yourself feeling really lost, remember her simple wisdom. Tap your heels three times and say, There’s no place like home… there’s no place like home… there’s no place like home. And remember home is within you. Have fun bringing her into your life.
1. Watch the Wizard of Oz.Observe Dorothy’s full experience with Glinda, her magical mentor. They share just moments on the screen, yet Glinda is the gentle change agent who sets Dorothy on her path and helps liberate her from her troubles by showing her the power of transformation lives within her, and that home is where her heart is.
2. Get red shoes. You don’t need ruby slippers, but beautiful, snazzy red shoes are symbolic of your innate ability to always find your way home to yourself. Be they pumps or sneakers, make them your magical trademark. A great pair of shoes always lifts the spirits; just looking down at your feet will make you happy. The color red symbolizes courage, good luck, and power and shows that you're ready for anything!3. Get a wand and blow bubbles. Just like a kid, get some soapy bubbles in a bottle. And buy a Fairy Godmother Wand from a costume store or kids department. Remember, Glinda used to arrive in a bubble to create her magic; imagine you can create magic too. Sit on your patio (courtyard, front lawn, in a park or just by an open window) and blow bubbles. As you watch them floating in the air, imagine they are carrying Glinda, who is there to grant your wishes. Let the excitement of her arrival well within you. Get in touch with what it feels like to be in the presence of a magical mentor who is there to help you. Let your heart open as you continue to blow bubbles, and call out your wishes. When you feel you have had your full, dedicate the last batch to Glinda and thank her for touching your life and helping you believe.
4. Buy a snazzy red shoe magnet for your refrigerator and post this affirmation: "On this day … I move forward!"
© Copyright 2004 Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway. All Rights Reserved.