Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Newsletter

This entry is a copy of the fall newsletter I sent out a couple of days ago to my coaching circle.

Coaching Circle:

Fall is here, and I am actively re-inventing myself and by extension, of course, my practice.I am discovering that I have begun to job-ize my interests, passions and values in creating a unique and truly blessed work life.

In a nutshell, my approach to coaching and life in general is encapsulated in this quote from Suzanne Zoglio: "People with an uncommon zest for life have mastered the art of living from the inside out. Instead of setting their goals and judging their success by what others think, they live according to their own values, their own passions, and their own... inner voice. In other words, they live an authentic life."

I strive to live an authentic life from the inside-out - even if it mean ruffling feathers. My work is such a key means to this process. I have to keep stretching so that I can meet you where you need me to be! Phew!

This month, I am reflecting and acting on one of my favorite intentions: self-care. I realize now that my coaching model rests squarely on establishing effective self-care practices. This means that I need to step up my game. Big time. Walk the talk.This is why I am taking a personal retreat for the first time in I can't say how long. In life before children, I often headed to the nearest Ocean location to get in touch with myself, to rest and regroup with more intention and focus.

So, bear with me and understand that I will be unavailable from October 10th until 13th. I will be reconnecting with myself in Cape May for three whole days with no care in the world but myself. Whatever shall I do? Nothing. I will just be. I assure you that I will return, fired up and ready to go!

I can honestly say that I am long overdue for such a retreat. I am attaching below an excerpt from one of my favorite people, Jen Louden, on what a retreat is and why we should take one. [Nudge. Prod. Hint. Hint.]

I am absolutely delighted to share that in the last couple of weeks, several new people have committed to the coaching adventure with me. Here I was, having taken the website down, sort of considering applying for a regular old job all the while clear that was not an authentic choice supporting my core values. And, bam! A flurry of interest, inquiries and enthusiastic folks ready to figure out their next steps, with me along for the ride. Woo hoo!

I am humbled, and gosh, so grateful for these opportunities. I am super thankful to those of you who have shared your wins with others and ignited in them a spark of interest. The web site is still down. So, word of your mouths is my sole marketing tool for now. Thank you thank you thank for doing such a stupendous job. And, please keep doing more of it. Turns out, coaching amazing people like you is still in the cards as part of my authentic life work.

Fall Special Offerings
Name your price this fall: All new coaching community members will receive super duper flexible and low rates. Name your price, and if I can make it work, I sure will!

Good Karma Credits: To thank you for your generous marketing, if you recommend someone who commits to coaching with me, you will receive a $25 good karma credit towards one month of coaching services.

One-time fix-it: If you have a dilemma, worry or decision for which you need support and longer term coaching is not what you need, I am offering one-time fix-it services. It's an experiment, and so far, people are digging it.

Coaching Circle Call: Keep an eye out for an invitation. This call is for you if you ever wanted to meet some other members of the coaching circle, hear what they're playing with or simply find support with one another. The topic: Playing with Self-Care (of course).

Giving Circle: In September, I offered free Academic-Life-Support and as a result, I began pro bono support for a group of former students who are in graduate school. No charge. I envision doing more and more of this, and to sustain this aspect of my practice, I hope to attract more paying folks.

Self-Care through retreats
What do you actually do at a retreat?I received a wonderful email a few days ago, asking what we would actually do at my upcoming Seattle mini-retreat. As we talked a little via email, it became clear she wanted to be sure the retreat would address her feelings of burn out and her need to reconnect with herself and feelings of self-love. When she asked me, "Does that sound like a good fit?" I shouted across the Internet, YES!I know the way to fulfillment and purpose and feeling really GOOD is through being wholly and fully who you truly are. I also know that you cannot be who you truly are if you aren't listening to yourself. Or if you are exhausted, harried, bitten by self-doubt or just in need of a little focus.I know that most everything in life - even a more contemplative life like mine - pulls you away from trusting and being yourself. It's simply incredibly easy to move farther and farther away from yourself - and to spend years being itchy, dissatisfied, on edge and not know why. Jennifer is a best-selling author, personal coach, former monthly columnist for Martha Stewart's Body+Soul magazine, a frequent guest on radio and TV, and creator of learning events and retreats around the country. She's devoted to nurturing women to evoke their creative power so they can have a blast while changing the world. She's been on Oprah, been interviewed in most major magazines, and her newest book is The Life Organizer: A Woman's Guide to A Mindful Year. Her blog, websites, and ezine (all free) draw thousands of readers each month and there are over 800,000 copies of her six books in print. and

I am deeply honored and enriched each day by being a part of your life journey.
Your Coach, Gayatri

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