Friday, October 9, 2009

Practice BEing

Joyful Friday and fantastic weekend to you!

Before I go silent for a few days, I wanted to share some food for thought.
I am setting an intention for my retreat this weekend: Practice BEing. Won't you join me?

"Being is about existing in a non-doing state, listening for guidance from our authentic self, scanning our body's subtle tightenings and expansions for information, and breathing with -- sitting alongside --who we are in that moment without moving to criticize or improve... Being is about accepting whatever there is. In the end, being is almost impossible to describe. It is not a destination; it is never a goal to check off. The edges of being are outlined with self-trust, feeling soft, open, accepting... Being comes in snatches, wavering states of at-one-ment interspersed with white-knuckled fear or control or worry or mindlessness. With practice, being does become easier. There is no perfect state to attain, no one to compare yourself to, no master degree in being that is awarded.... you just do it." -- Jen Louden (Woman's Retreat Book)

How can you play with BEING this weekend? Let me know!

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