Monday, November 3, 2008

Giving it all you got

Everyone I know is buzzing today. I am getting excited text messages. Neighbors are calling. Friends are emailing.

They are cautiously optimistic. Most are ready for the campaigns to be over. They are praying. Praying for themselves, for Senator Obama, for his family, for this country, for the world. Some are sending crazy Obama-McCain jokes (while they still can).

Even our incredibly perceptive four year old asked me today, "mama, who is going to be the president?" "I don't know, dear, we have to wait until tomorrow night to find out." He sums it up, "today is election eve, mama." And then, he asks me to give him a lesson in flag-work. We page through his atlas.

I am painfully aware of the lifelong implications of this historical moment.

In my last post, I was adamant that we not be distracted from ourselves, the work within, by putting so much stock on the elections. I still hold by that.

I did not mean, however, to suggest that we somehow ignore what is happening around us. We have to be fully engaged, and do our part. Certainly. Just keep all the political and economic dynamics in perspective by remembering who really has ultimate power to make change.

My strong sense today is to tap into all our inner reserves and give it all we got. Do what you can to make things happen tomorrow. We need to show up. It is all about Get Out the Vote. Each of us will do our part, and as fully as we can - mind, body and soul.

Whatever the outcome, we can't just give all to the 4th. There are many many many more days beginning on the 5th of November. On the 5th, it is time to get back to work. It is time to kick it up another notch to make CHANGE happen. Get ready...

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