Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tongue-tied ... and ready to go!

The world is rejoicing today. It is a deeply monumental day.

And I am so overwhelmed, I can't muster up any of the right words. I am not often tongue-tied. Today, I am awe-struck. Deeply overcome. Inspired. Hopeful. Humbled. Aware. Revitalized.

I will feel it all. Soak in all the good will the world over. Pray. Pray hard. Then, I am going to kick up my efforts several notches.

As I said a couple of days ago, today is the beginning of a long haul. I plan to show up and give every day all I got. It was not all about getting the win on Election Day. It's about getting to work to clean up the mess we're in. The real campaign starts now.

I am renewed, and ready to go.

As our President Elect called on us in Monassas, VA two nights ago, "FIRE IT UP! READY TO GO!"

I am fired up. Ready to go.

What about you? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? President Obama is. He got to work right away. Are you ready to be the change you hoped for? Let us begin. Together.

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  1. Well...I am ready to let go of my fear of stepping out on faith and begin to work on giving myself and my energy to my life's purpose. Ive been working lately on figuring out what that purpose was, and I am still doing that. However I do know that I must get out in the community and do my work there I feel like this is my call right now. However I want to be careful not to overextend myself and sink in the process. I have daughter to give me energy to as well. I need to map this out and need support, resources first. So am thinking of a location, the south fulton library to do a girls group, have a curriculum I am considering using from Girls Inc. however I want to tapp into the Virtues with them, but need to get a curriculum to use for it. Just some thoughts, mapping this out, stepping out.