Friday, November 7, 2008

Process everything... to learn from it.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.... Helen Keller

I have been plain exhausted all week.
Sure, I stayed up most of the night watching election results. Sure, little one had a couple of wakeful nights. But, the real truth is that the election buzz has us all coming down off the "election high" in a big way. We are all mentally, emotionally, physically wiped out. Exhilerated, inspired, hopeful, and definitely changed. But, if you are like me, cried out and wiped out.

Speaking with a number of you, members of my coaching circle, in the last couple of days, one thing is quite apparent to me. It is important to take a time out to process everything. Some of you were on the frontlines for days, weeks, months. You witnessed greatness at work. You worked through the challenges. You shared in the victories. There were moments. There were fascinating stories told and insights received.

Some things were decided. Oh so much to do, fix, resolve. Uncertainty still lingers.

Allowing ourselves the space and time to reflect is key -- especially during uncertain times.
To ensure that I remain calm, centered, and focused in the midst of upheaval, I have to constantly give myself room to just be. Think and be. Lately, I am learning, I need to share-write to be. Writing, in the spirit of sharing, is vital to my being. Here I am.

How can we "process" the events of this week and their powerful impact on our lives? Where will all this feeling and living and loving and hoping ... go? Will we let it be? Let it go? Or, shall we actually allow ourselves to feel in our hearts and then learn from it all? "Processing" is to discern the important life lessons.

What did we learn about ourselves and the world?

Will you talk about it? Will you write about it? Will you rap, sing, praise it? Will you sketch, paint, draw it? Will you scrapbook it? Will you photo-album it? Will you you-tube it? Will you pray about it? Will you affirm it? Will you take a retreat? Will you yoga it? Will you work-it-out?

Will you share a story, thought, comment on this blog about it...?

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